Natalie Jayne Ashwood

I am an intuitive Energy and Holistic Healer.  Originally from London, England.  In my early years I worked for banks, accountants, and oil companies in London and Australia. I had a flair for organisation which comes in good use now when planning health strategies.  I was fascinated with natural healing and vitamins after discovering the work of the late Adelle Davis. After moving to the States, where I spent 17 years, I really started on my healing path after experiencing a past life during an hypnotherapy session.  I thought the technique was so amazing I trained in it! I loved the healing technique of Theta Healing which changes core beliefs and studied this on the beautiful coast of Washington, USA. I then studied under the Master Healer, Brook Still, in California learning the ancient Mayan healing of Divine Intervention which opened up my innate intuitive skills. Also studied the channelled healing of Rising Star from Derek O'Neill.  I returned to the UK about 10 years ago and have trained as a Reiki Master as well as in Bowen Therapy, different massage techniques, RPT, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Access Bars, Systemic Kinesiology and BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing based on the work of Delores Cannon).

I have many skills that can address any healing situation that occurs. Whether it is emotional, physical or just plan have no idea what it is!  I have strong intuitive skills which hopefully can put the puzzle pieces into place to get you on to your path for vibrate health and a successful life.


Natalie Ashwood

“Our body knows how to heal itself. We just have to give it an opportunity to do so”
~ Natalie Jayne Ashwood

  • My clients come from different races, religions and from all around the world.

  • My priority is YOU and helping you heal. We are all humans on planet earth and need to help each other.