"Divine Intervention Spontaneous Remission - has been called the most strongest and sacred prayer on this planet"

"I have always believed we can heal everything and when I experienced Divine Intervention I knew it was true"

Divine Intervention is an ancient Mayan healing technique that has been handed down through an unbroken line of Master Healers and is slowly being released to the world.

Divine Intervention works by calling in, through high frequency Dimensions, the Source Energy from God. When the healer splits the electric and magnetic energy holding the system together, he or she creates the opportunity for everything unlike the system to move through it. The possibility that the body may return to its natural state of wholeness jumps tremendously. When the blocks are energetically removed from the subtle and the physical bodies, there is an acceleration of powerful natural healing.

"I have seen bones and tumors manifest outside the body. Clients with cancer, MS, diabetes, depression etc. have had amazing success stories - it is so powerful".

The first time I witnessed Divine Intervention I was amazed at the results. I saw a bent foot straighten, depression lifted, diabetes symptoms improve, and I, myself, experienced my own Chronic Fatigue disappear and gallstones cleared up.

Divine Intervention is exactly what it sounds like – it is Divine Intervention. It is like having a telephone line to God – and he picks up and sends one of his Master Healers to help. "I have felt the presence of angels, Goddesses and Guides come into the room, step into my body and put their healing energy through my arms".

I often feel pain in my body in the places where the "client" has emotional or energy blocks which are manifesting as disease. Sometimes this pain can be quite uncomfortable and overwhelming and then it suddenly lifts – letting me know that you “the client” have released what is holding you in disease or pain.


What can Divine Intervention heal?

I believe the list is endless and that no chronic or normally “unhealable” illness can be left untouched by the healing of Divine Intervention as it is in the "hands" of the Creator. And you don’t have to have a chronic illness to benefit from Divine Intervention as it can benefit you on so many levels as well as life problems and difficulties – or you just want to make sure you stay fit, healthy and confident in life.

A session starts with your phone call. I like to take some information before (all confidential) in order to gain a perspective as to what is going on. Every client is a little puzzle waiting to be solved !! Though it is your choice which modality or modalities you want to use, I will be happy to make suggestions. It also greatly helps the healing process if we can get to the core reason why you are bringing this to you. Often it is obvious from a brief discussion about what is happening in your life or has happened, but sometimes we are unaware of what is causing our pain. We can often use hypnotherapy, voice dialogue, or Theta Healing to gain a clearer insight. Or whilst doing Divine Intervention or Rising Star, a Guide or Angel may "whisper" a message to help with your healing.

How many sessions will I need? Sometimes you may feel well after one session or it could take a few (after all it took you a number of years to get to this point). But I work as quickly as I can to get you back into the life you were born to lead!