REIKI is an ancient, gentle, non-invasive energy healing method that utilizes the body's innate knowledge of itself to subtly guide the universal life force energy. The Reiki practitioner is the conduit, not the source. Revealed to Dr. Mikao Usui in the 1800's, Reiki is believed to be originally a many thousand year old Tibetan mystical system of healing, known to Buddha and other realized beings.

Today, Reiki is gaining popularity as clients and health practitioners experience its miraculous versatility and successes.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a universal energy that surrounds all of us and is used by the Reiki practitioner to channel to the client.There is no belief systems, religious or otherwise attached to this complimentary therapy so no-one should find that this contradicts any of their own beliefs. Hence whether you wish to receive treatments or discover how to use Reiki for yourself there are no obstacles to you doing so.

Reiki works on many levels that include the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical and assists the body in healing itself. Reiki is very effective in providing pain relief, treating stress and working towards removing negative emotional states.Reiki is perfectly safe and can be used to complement traditional medicine, it is non-invasive and is performed with the client fully clothed.

Reiki-What should you expect?

During a treatment it is not unusual to feel a variety of different experiences this is all dependent upon the flow of the energy. Often the recipient will report the feeling of a lovely heat that appears to reach down deep into the body, on other occasions someone may experience cold or tingling or a combination of all of these. Tingling sensations can indicate the clearing of a blockage.

People may also find Reiki is like a deep meditation and pick up on colours, gain deeper understanding of your life or problem, get memories, visions or past life recall. Sometimes there is spontaneous emotional release from areas that have been blocked off.

Some people don’t feel any physical sensation at all but describe mental or emotional changes such as a sense of calmness or peace. Nearly everyone experiences a treatment as deeply relaxing.

Since Reiki creates balance on a mental, physical, spiritual and emotional level it is useful in all situations, either on its own or in conjunction with Western medical practice or other complementary treatment. Used regularly by individuals it can help recharge, align and rebalance energy in the body.

For minor problems or short term goals one or two sessions may be enough. For significant problems the best results are achieved by three to four sessions three to four days running then weekly sessions spreading out to fortnightly and monthly as the condition improves.