The concept of being able to clear most of your trauma if you can get back to the original anchor or reference point for that trauma is not a new one. I have been doing that work for years. What IS NEW is that we can now find that original anchor for the trauma quickly, easily, gently, and then the whole healing can be extremely fast. We can quickly clear what used to take years of therapy without re-experiencing the trauma, regression techniques, channeling energy, or daily focusing on creating new habit patterns. It is amazing how fast and easy this therapy is.

It is called Reference Point Therapy because it is about the finding and changing of that original reference point.

Reference point Therapy was developed by Simon and Evette Rose. They integrated essential pieces from:

  • Neuro- Linguistic Programming
  • Grant McFetridge's Peak States work
  • The Hawaiian tradition of Ho'oponopono
  • Soleria Green's work with Beingness and expanding consciousness

All of these techniques led them to find and to develop a system of "Healing That Works." For 5 years Simon taught Vianna Stibal's Theta Healing, which focuses on changing beliefs from a space of acknowledging a person is co-creating their life. Reference Point Therapy focuses on the underlying event or feeling upon which the belief is based.

Reference Point Therapy is a fast and easy way to clear deep patterns, blocks and trauma. You can apply this to just about every area of your life from the Physical, to the Emotional, and to the Spiritual.

Emotional Healing

The shortest and simplest answer is that RPT is one of the easiest way to clear deep emotional pain, trauma and patterns. This means that first of all, we can powerfully change just about any emotional block using this work. You may already have seen lots of other techniques for clearing emotional blocks, so the simplest thing I can say is that we go deeper, much deeper. This technique works - often instantly - because we truly get to the deepest layer of our stuff. To use a simple but powerful visual metaphor - most techniques "peel away layers of the onion", we jump straight in and slice the onion up!

Clearing emotional pain and suffering, including symptoms of depression, low self worth, phobias, and other emotional blocks, is simple and effective with this work.

Physical Healing

Whilst we cannot promise you a "cure-all", I can tell you that Simon and Evette have had amazing results, including complete healing of conditions considered "incurable". Simon has had clients whose tumors disappeared overnight for instance. They had clients with Multiple Sclerosis whose nerves re- myolinated (ie their nervous system healed itself). They have seen hundreds of miraculous healings. What we find is that most, but perhaps not all, physical diseases are caused by deeply held emotional pain and trauma. When we release the trauma, the body heals itself rapidly.

Some physical conditions are not caused by our emotional response to events. In these cases emotional healing still speeds up the recovery process and is still recommended.

Reference Point Therapy is a complementary healing technique. It is not a substitute for the care of a properly qualified physician or naturopathic doctor (as the case requires). In all cases of serious medical conditions (such as cancer) you will need to remain under your doctor's care and receive regular scans to verify the success of the healing.

If you are unsure whether emotionally based healing would benefit you please contact us to discuss your condition.