Theta Healing is a wonderful technique that puts the Practitioner’s conscious mind into a Theta state, this is where the brain waves are travelling at 4-7 Hz per cycle per second. In this state it is easy to connect to the Universal Energy Source in order to make changes to our core issues, instill positive feelings, heal, and manifest.

Lately, we are constantly being told that we can manifest the life we want through the law of attraction, as depicted in the film "The Secret". Our thoughts create who we are and what type of life experience we have. It sounds easy – doesn’t it? Just think positive and all will be well, but when our "wishes" take a while we give up.

It may not be all your "fault". We have lots of programs that we are unaware of that hold us in ill health, bad relationships, lack of money etc. With Theta Healing we can connect with the Source Energy and change our negative programming. For instance you may have a "program" running of "I am not worthy" after a parent, a teacher or an outside person say negative comments to you as a child. This program can impact all areas of your life including health and wealth. After replacing this with a more positive belief you will start to feel a shift and feel happier and more dynamic!

Theta can be used for:

  • Changing core beliefs on 4 different levels: Core, Genetic, History and Soul
  • Receive Gods unconditional love
  • Activate your Youth and Vitality DNA
  • Clear implants, psychic hooks, psychic attacks, curses and entities
  • Instill positive feelings such as "“learn to feel what it is like to live without guilt"
  • Clear fetal memories
  • Clear metal toxicity and radiation
  • Pull back soul fragments
  • Clear free floating memories
  • Send love to the baby in the womb
  • Heal the broken soul
  • Clear genetic and family patterns and beliefs
  • Increase your vitality, happiness and joy