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About Me

I am an Energy Healer and Holistic Therapist. I love what I do and enjoy seeing my clients get well.

Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy uses gentle movements at key points on the soft connective tissue (fascia). It is often used for back, neck, shoulder, leg and feet problems but there are many more areas as well.

Systemic Kinesiology

Systemic Kinesiology is a total holistic therapy which uses the body’s biofeedback mechanism. We can find the body’s priority area as well as allergies/intolerances and emotional issues.

 Hypnotherapy & BQH

Hypnotherapy is a lovely technique for you to connect with information in your subconscious. It isn’t scary. Just imagine shutting your eyes and relaxing in a chair – that’s it. I also offer past lives and inbetween lives as well as BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing - based on the work of Delores Cannon)

Theta Healing/RPT

Theta healing is an easy way to change our core beliefs that we hold not only on the conscious level but on the subconscious. Theta healing can address any illness, disease, emotional problem and even relationship issues. RPT is a progression on this by addressing the emotion that is blocking us.

Energy Healing

I practice the ancient Mayan technique of Divine Intervention. I am also a Reiki Master. These are powerful healing tools. I also offer the healing code and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Access Bars

Access Bars is often described as a way to defrag your brain. There are 32 points on the head that relate to our beliefs which if touched we can release any stuck energy. It allows us to go through life with more ease and joy. But more importantly it is lovely and relaxing.


Massage and Reflexology are amazing at not only relaxing us but a wonderful way to heal our aches and pains. It is great for moving the lymph in the body

Long Distance Healing

It doesn’t matter where you live I can send healing or work with you over skype/phone to heal.

Natalie, I want to thank you for helping me with my lifelong insomnia. I had this problem since I was a baby. I used to wake up almost every night at any time completely alert and unable to go back to sleep again for 2 or 3 hours. Since I had that session with you over the phone, more than a month agao, I have been sleeping deeply 8 or more hours every night. It has made a big difference in my life. I have been in different kinds of therapy for 30 years but nobody did such a marvelous job as you did, helping me to go to the core of the problem of my insomnia and resolve it. I admire and recommend you as a great hypnotherapist and gifted healer. Thank you for changing my life.


PhD Psychology and DI Minister

I was so much pain in my back that I was off work and couldn't sleep, but after a few Bowen sessions with Natalie I could join the circus


After two Rising Star sessions I finally received the clarity I needed to follow the right path for me


I could still feel your hands on me even though you had moved your hands


Divine Intervention:
"I am truly breathing easier and have not taken from the inhaler since Saturday, I am also feeling a sense of relief from my low back as wel, it's so amazing that when I returned home and changed my clothes there was a mark of the energy residue just over my heart, a light flash of light inside my top, so amazing".


My thyroid gland's swelling has gone done, and my blood sugar has dropped into the 143 to 220 range! Much better than the 278 to 420 it was running.


What happens in a session

I am based in Manchester, UK at my lovely peaceful healing room in Stockport. I can also come to your home as well as offer long distant healing. Every session will be different as everyone is different. Your illness, disease or pain is individual to you.

I have many tools and often use more than one in a session. My intention is always to help you heal quickly and easily. I try not to give you too many things to do when you leave whether it’s a diet plan, exercise or supplements. I realise we have to live in the real world but it does help if you are proactive.

I believe if you know what it is and why you have it, we can do something about it. I can often intuitively connect with this or help you to do so. I usually use some form of energy healing within any session (if you are open) as that can do a lot of the work to heal. I use Bowen Therapy if you need to balance and align your body if in pain. I use kinesiology to balance your brain, back and then check for supplements that are required or allergies/intolerances. When approaching emotional issues I can often use hypnotherapy or RPT. I am always happy to answer any questions over the phone or email so you understand what to expect. I always feel you need to enjoy your experience and work to help you feel uplifted at the end.